Pay For Response Program

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The Pay For Response Program is a RESULTS BASED program. You only pay for results and nothing more. Try it, you'll like it.

ONLY PAY $150 per lead.

Reservation Definition Policy for the Pay For Response Program: After first sentence that ends in and/or phone number. Every person shall count as their own lead so for example if a couple is represented by a husband and wife that would count as 2 leads. Each individual person counts as a lead up until the maximum reservation of 34.

Why risk thousands of dollars with other marketing programs and chance that you “might” get attendees in your seminar? Protect your marketing dollars and stop wasting money on seminar mailings that do not work. How does
Pay For Response Work?

Fax or e-mail your agreement with payment information.

Neien Marketing Group will provide you with
A proof and list count.

All you do is approve proof, list count, and payment information.


Follow our instructions on when to hold your seminar, example, times, and location.

Place your completed order at least 28 days prior to your first seminar date along with your payment information.

Neien Marketing Group will be responsible for the monitoring of reservations and will email you all responses the day they come in. We customize the questions you would like asked of all incoming phone calls.
You will be invoiced once your capacity requirement is met.


The cost per lead is a low, $150 each. You will only be charged up to 34 responses. Any leads received beyond the 34 are FREE! NO hidden fees. NO obligation. NO commitment. There is absolutely NO risk to trying the fastest and most responsive Seminar Marketing program available! Payment - a pre-invoice will be provided two(2) days prior to your MAIL DATE.

A FINAL invoice will be provided with payment requirement two (2) days prior to the FIRST SEMINAR DATE or when your seminar(s) meet the outlined capacity. Payment can be made by check or by credit card. We accept Visa and Master Card.

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