Neien Marketing Group

Neien Marketing Group specializes in working with Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisers, Financial Planners, and Insurance Professionals by providing them with high-quality and cost effective seminar and direct-mail marketing services.
Neien Marketing Group Provides the following Seminar & Direct-Mail Marketing Services:

* Designing Seminar & Direct-Mail Campaigns
* Designing Seminar Invitations
* Addressing of Seminar Invitations & Direct-Mail Pieces
* Printing of Seminar Invitations & Direct-Mail Pieces
* Mailing of Seminar Invitations

These services are engineered to be an effective and efficient way of influencing a prospect to raise their hand thus indicating their interest in attending a financial seminar or coming in for an appointment with the financial professional. Advisor Seminar Marketing has successfully handled over 200 seminar marketing and direct-mail marketing campaigns over the past 5 years.


Please Read: It is your obligation to ensure that your mailer/invitation is in full compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations.Neien Marketing Group (NMG) assumes no responsibility for the content of your mailer or compliance with applicable laws. Any forms, templates or suggestions provided by NMG are for convenience only and it is the mailers responsibility to ensure that his or her mailer fully complies with applicable law.

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