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How do I get started?
– we’ll be glad to help! --> Once you decided which seminar format you like please fill out the order form on the bottom of the page. If you need help or have questions please call us at 856-751-3892 - we'll be glad to help.

What % response rate should I expect?
Response rate varies greatly due to various factors: type of facility used to host the seminar, time of year, area of the country you are mailing to, mailing list criteria, time of day for the seminar, etc. Though we do not guarantee a response rate due to so many variables affecting your results, our average rate of response for all our mailings, across the nation and encompassing all facility types, times, etc.
About 0.75% 75 reservations on 10,000 pieces mailed. This is an average; at the high end of the spectrum we have had agents pull 3% with four-star restaurants, while others have pulled less than 1/2 of 1% typically due to using cheaper restaurants or providing only refreshments or no meals at all.

NOTE: NEIEN MARKETING GROUP does not guarantee response rates or results in general under any circumstances.

What can I do to improve my response rate?

We pride ourselves in actively working with our agents in order to increase response rates, should they be lower than expected. Many times a simple switch of facilities, change of times, or minor changes to the text of the invitation can make a dramatic improvement in the response rate.
A minor change that can drastically increase your response rate is to emphasize the meal on your invitation! Should your response rate be lower than expected, contact us immediately so we can assist you in making whatever changes are needed to improve this.

What do you need from me to complete my mailing?
In order to print and mail your invitations, we need proof approval, zip count approval, and payment confirmation. Providing us with a completed application and payment allows us to create your proof and order your list as instructed by you. We make every effort to provide you with a proof and zip count for approval as soon as possible. Your cooperation in helping us get written approval on your invitation and zip count is essential.

Note: It is our goal to provide your proof and zip count for approval within 2 business days of receiving your application. However, we must work in order of priority around mail dates. Therefore, on some applications that are received with mail dates several weeks ahead, it may take longer than 2 days to get a proof to you. Do not be alarmed, we cannot, and will not, mail without your written approval on the proof and zip count. If you need your proof and zip count sooner in order to meet compliance please let us know.

Once completed, please fax your Order Form to us at 856-751-6670, along with any special instructions for your mailing.
We will fax you acknowledgment that we have received your application/order within half a business day. If it’s your first time ordering with us, we will assign one of our experienced Account Managers to your order. Your Account Manager will be responsible for helping you complete your order – from start to finish. They will make every attempt to finalize your mailing list and provide you with a proof for review and approval within two business days. go to top

We have several convenient ways to pay. Whatever payment you choose, please be aware that we cannot mail until we receive payment confirmation:

*Check by mail (please be sure to allot sufficient time so we can receive payment before your “EMD” – Estimated Mail Date.
*Credit Card – We currently accept: MasterCard and VISA. However, by using a credit card to pay for an order, you will no longer be eligible for our cash discount prices. The standard price available to credit card payments is one cent more per piece than the cash discount prices.
Pay by credit card through fax – our accounting department will email your invoice and from there you can fill out the invoice with your credit card information and fax it back to us.

Neien marketing Group reserves the right to mail within one or two mailing days before or after your preferred mailing date, based on our current work load and mailing conditions, holidays, etc.

NOTE: These are our recommendations based on our experience from many thousands of different mailing projects. Neither NEIEN MARKETING GROUP nor the USPS guarantee delivery times. NEIEN MARKETING GROUP cannot guarantee responses, results, or the inability of the USPS to deliver the mail for any reason including weather related delays. We suggest you add extra time to your mail date during the winter months.

We recommend age 60+ age and all income levels, but will pull the list any way you want. Please base the age/income parameters to match the services you are offering. For income parameters, please be aware that if you insist on income levels (i.e. $75,000 and up annual income) you will be eliminating people with large assets and little income (for example, widows).

We do not maintain strict territories. However, unlike other mailing companies, we will not simply mail to the same territory over and over again for different agents. We have a first come, first serve policy and if another agent has mailed to those same codes, we will alert you to this fact and offer suggestions for you to increase your response rate. If we cannot obtain separate and distinct lists for each agent, the agent that had his application in first has precedence. This means that the agent who submitted their application last will have to: change the paper color, size of the invitation, or a combination of these features. The goal here is to keep the mailings unique enough to get sufficient response rates for each mailing.

We use your return address on your postcard invitations because we have found this helps your response rate. Few other mailing companies do this, because they are afraid you will faint when you see returned mail! Expect 3 to 5% “Undeliverable As Addressed” returned postcards.

We buy a new and fresh list for each mailing. All lists we purchase for you have been verified with the NCOA or National Change of Address within the past 30 days. However, people do move, and more often than not the USPS registry database system does not recognize all bad addresses. We do guarantee to cover any amount of non-deliverables over 5% that you might receive. For example, if you mail 10,000 invitations and receive back 550 non-deliverables, we will credit you for 50 mailers on your next mailing. This guarantee only applies for our small postcard that is mailed by first class mail. All other mailings are mailed by second class mail and the post office does not return these for non-deliverables in most cases. If the post office does return the non-deliverables then the above guarantee will apply to those mailings as well.

Yes, you may provide the text and general format to us and we will insert it into our printing template. You will see the proof and you will have an opportunity to make changes to it before you approve it. If you have special wording that you prefer, you should submit this with your application (see application instructions).

Please keep in mind we cannot and will not mail your invitation without your written proof approval. Failing to receive written proof approval is the second most frequent cause of mailings being delayed. (Lack of payment is the most frequent reason mailings are delayed.)

We have found over the years that well known restaurants pull best. Steak Houses & Italian restaurants seem to get the best response. We recommend you avoid hotels, country clubs, and lower quality restaurants unless you absolutely know through your own direct experience that these facilities work well. Please see our helpful articles on this topic for more information.

Though it may sound counter-intuitive, you will actually be saving money if you provide dinner.

Often two events are listed, but it is important to not have too many dates on the mailer. You can always have dates in reserve that are not listed on the mailer. This way, you first fill up the dates on the mailer in order to create the impact that you want. If you mail 5,000 and you put three dates on the mailer, you may end up with too few people at one or two of your dates. It is difficult to create the impression that people want to see you if there are only 10 people in the room.

Due to the small postcard size of our Regular, First-Class postcard there is not a lot of room to create a compelling pitch. We include basic bullet points designed to “hook” their attention in regard to an issue that they are concerned about.

The process works like this: People receive your invitation and see “Complimentary Gourmet Meal”. Now, everyone wants a complimentary gourmet meal, and the question they ask themselves is “what do I have to put up with to get my free meal?”. As long as there is nothing to scare away these customers, such as “you will learn a new mathematical computational model” or “bring your portfolio and calculator to this workshop” etc, etc, then there is a good chance they will call and make a reservation. Because of this, we suggest only listing the benefits and general conclusions, and not overloading an invitation with too many details. Further, using qualifiers such as “There is no cost and no obligation” or “leave your checkbook at home” etc. is recommended.

In the event that you feel you really need to add more text, please consider our other invitation options in order to accommodate the extra text.

How much you mail, and how many mailers you send, depends on many things. In general, you want to mail enough so that you can fill your rooms at the restaurant you have reserved for your seminars. We recommend for your first mailer to use a 0.75% response rate as an estimate. This means that if you have two restaurant dates and the seating capacity of each is 35 people, you are looking to get a total of 70 people signed up. Using the 0.75% estimate we recommend mailing 10,000 invitations. 0.75% of this amount would fill both of your seating capacities.

NOTE: NEIEN MARKETING GROUP does not guarantee response rates or results in general under any circumstances.

After your first mailing, you will have a better feeling for the response rate in your area, whether it is slightly lower or higher than 0.75%, and can adjust the total to mail accordingly.

How frequently you mail depends on your restaurant/facility scheduling. Some agents mail with us 2 or 3 times a month because they know they always have, for example, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Olive Garden at 5:30 pm. In these instances, the agent has made special arrangements with NEIEN MARKETING GROUP to have us mail a set amount out on a regular schedule. Other agents mail once a month, others mail as needed throughout the year.

What makes you so different from all the other seminar marketing companies out there?
We are financial advisors and direct marketers by trade. The other companies specialize in products and selling materials. We step in after you have purchased or developed your seminar presentation. We specialize in filling your rooms up at your events. Other companies, or your corporate office, can help you with materials and the conversion to appointment process. Beware of copycats or printers that do not specialize in financial direct marketing. There are many factors that make our process unique and proven in your industry. Call us for a consultation and we will explain the differences that set us apart from a typical mail house.

Do you have proven invitations?
Yes. Like we stated in a previous question, we are financial advisors ourselves who also do our own seminars throughout the year. This gives us the ability to provide and share our seminar invitations and invitation ideas based off of what is working and what isn’t. Give us your topic and we’ll fax you related layouts for you to review and get some ideas. You are responsible for the content and the compliance approval of all your letters. Just ask, we can help.

What seminar presentations or materials work with your direct mail system?
We process seminar invitations for more than many financial advisors nationwide. Our marketing system works regardless of which presentation you have purchased or designed. It’s simple… just tell us what you are presenting and we will customize the invitations to meet your needs.

How and when does the post office deliver my invitations/mailing?
Typically, second class mail can take 7 to 12 days to arrive in the mailbox. First Class takes 2 to 4 days. The invitations should arrive 10 to 12 days prior to your first seminar date. We use a different system than most mail houses which cuts second class mail delivery times by usually 2-4 days, depending on your location. When the invitations are ready to ship we use a trucking service like FedEx or UPS which will deliver your invitations right to your local post office so they will be ready for immediate delivery.


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