About Us

Neien Marketing Group specializes in working with Financial Advisors, Registered Investment Advisers, Financial Planners, and Insurance Professionals by providing them with high-quality and cost effective seminar and direct-mail marketing services.
Neien Marketing Group Provides the following Seminar & Direct-Mail Marketing Services:

* Designing Seminar & Direct-Mail Campaigns
* Designing Seminar Invitations
* Addressing of Seminar Invitations & Direct-Mail Pieces
* Printing of Seminar Invitations & Direct-Mail Pieces
* Mailing of Seminar Invitations

These services are engineered to be an effective and efficient way of influencing a prospect to raise their hand thus indicating their interest in attending a financial seminar or coming in for an appointment with the financial professional. Advisor Seminar Marketing has successfully handled over 200 seminar marketing and direct-mail marketing campaigns over the past 5 years.

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